Investment options

Our long-term investment strategies and practices are designed to protect you and your family right now and well into the future.

Investment philosophy

Capital preservation
We're keenly aware that most investors have a desire to maintain their capital before looking ahead toward growth. At Capital Strategy, we couldn't agree more. And it's reflected in all our policies and portfolio management practices. With a solid foundation of preservation, we can look forward at what is best for you.

Risk management
Obviously, uncontrolled risk can have negative effects on a portfolio. Conversely, when risk is measured and controlled, it can have a positive impact on return. That's why we're continually monitoring risk in every shape and form—from global event risk to market volatility. By carefully analyzing risk, we can better manage an investor's assets. We even offer five different risk management styles to meet each investor's risk tolerance and opportunity preferences.

Long-term outlook
When observing short-term price movements, the market may seem difficult to navigate. However, when one takes a longer view, distinct trends reveal themselves. We take a long-term view of the markets and prevailing economics, making choices when they look favorable from a long-term perspective.

Enhanced index investing
Our method of investing employs a core/tactical approach. We build a core of quality companies that will resemble the risk and performance of the S&P 500. Then, around this solid core, we introduce securities that have been identified for their unique potential. The tactical portion of the portfolio works as a complement to the core, providing opportunity for enhanced performance.

Vehicle selection
When it comes to selecting securities for a client's portfolio, we implement a rigorous bottom-up approach. By looking at growth potential, valuation, and the sentiment on each security, we can select the highest quality securities with the most potential to appreciate. All this is done with complete balance toward risk, knowing that we must understand the downside potential on each investment we choose. Every security in an investor's portfolio will be aligned with their risk tolerance and time horizon goals.

Portfolio monitoring
While it's true that we closely monitor the markets and stay abreast of world events, we're never influenced by investment fads or by pundits who claim that time-tested investment rules no longer apply. On the contrary, our experience has shown that being aware of market events, while not letting them control our decisions, is the key to making timely, intelligent portfolio adjustments.

Capital Strategy Group SMAs

Capital Strategy manages a group of five Separately Managed Accounts. They are customized to the client's risk tolerance and include:

  • Equity growth
  • Aggressive growth
  • Moderate risk
  • Growth and income
  • Balanced
  • Income

In all cases, allocations and investments are discussed and agreed upon by the Investment Committee before inclusion.

Advisor's Edge

Advisor's Edge is a discretionary WRAP program that allows assets to be professionally managed by Capital Strategy Group, Ltd. We use diversified portfolios containing mutual funds and ETFs (with the option to purchase REITs, UITs, and alternative investments) within model portfolios. There are five models that align with different risk characteristics and client goals, including Aggressive Growth, Growth, Growth and Income, Balanced, and Income. Through the Advisor's Edge program, Capital Strategy Group will manage the assets so advisors can focus on what's most important: relationships. Through the Advisor's Edge program, advisors have access to the management team, which allows for transparency on research and transactions as well as talking points for client meetings.